“The European Project Leaders Network Society” as a non profit group aims to support global sustainable development by creating a bridge between academic and industrial entities from all around the world. We believe in Education as an effective solution to inspire generations for paradigm shifting for a better world. Academic and industrial engagement are the main streams to achieve our goal. Sharing European knowledge and experience as a result of more than two decades of cooperation could strengthen relations, tackle cultural barriers and facilitate understanding of each other. We are trying to make a difference in the world, by benefiting from the synergetic cooperation of international project leaders from the Academia, Non‐profit Organisations and Industries (Large & SMEs).

Core values:

  • Common understanding and mutual respect are fundamental for any International movement for a better world;
  • Education is a key part of our effort regardless of gender, nationality, religions and cultures;
  • Teamwork could bring synergetic advantage to tackle the challenges of our world.
  • Engagement, communication and relationship are significant steps for better understanding of cultures;
  • Adaptation and Flexibility is a key part of balanced life
  • We believe in Glolocalization when all global strategies taking local values, beliefs and thoughts into account;
  • “Practice makes perfect” and science should help humanity.