Knowledge sharing
EPL embraces the idea of free and unfettered access to information for citizens, organizations and leaders. Equality in access to information fosters equal access to opportunities. EPL supports efforts to expand the scope and quality of information available to both the public and private sector. Working with governmental organizations, the private sector and civil society organizations, EPL promotes exchanges of knowledge, educates stakeholders, and builds new channels for constructive dialogue.

Cooperation through Project development
The EPL aims to provide service and support to its members and creates platforms for mutual exchange of information. Important opportunities for this are the EPL conferences, the workgroup discussions and the work carried out within the various EPL task groups or the personal exchange during EPL meetings such as the annual general meeting. Collaboration with other networks or the participation in EU projects leads to the second major field of activities, that is the ongoing attempt to promote collaboration between Academia and Industry .

Talent engagement
EPL recognizes the need to engage young people all around the world. EPL’s youth programs empower and engage youth the leaders of tomorrow. For progress to take hold, young people must play an active role in knowledge sharing and market-oriented applications. Through their engagement we voiced their opinion. EPL works closely with its partners to provide young people around the world with the tools they need to become capable leaders, helping them to effectively shape their countries’ future. Through entrepreneurship initiatives and knowledge sharing partnerships, EPL programs create openings for youth engagement and empower young people to be self-dependent and to take initiative.