European Project Leaders’ Network Society (EPL) is a network of entities who are leading European RTD Projects. Our objective is to extend collaboration beyond the European scope into the Middle East, Africa, East Asia, and the Commonwealth of Independent States. Historical importance as well as the growing interest and influence from institutions in those regions will drive the objective of consolidating a substantial network of contacts and will lead to a deep understanding of the market needs that are usually outside of our consideration. Europe cannot neglect any longer the social and economic unrest outside its immediate borders. The understanding of these needs, as well as the social urgency that we observe in many societies, leads us to the effort to connect industrial and research communities, with respective educational efforts, to support the evolvement of individual qualities for improving the economic and societal situation.

EPL is a combination of Research Centres, Companies, Universities, Non‐profit entities and Professionals who are working as a network to support European Union vision and to satisfy European commission mission particularly in European RTD frameworks (such as Horizon 2020) including innovation and delivering economic growth faster. It’s time to use the momentum as well as the experience of our European collaborative model and further European ethical discourse to open new doors toward the world. It starts with sharing achievements and results. Being engaged in European RTD projects for more than two decades helps us improve in different dimensions and although we have good projects results, one of the most difficult tasks of those projects is to perform the exploitation and to promote them.

We would like to create a worldwide network to offer our tangible and intangible assets while the mission of this collaborative network is creating future in a sense that all nations should contribute and benefit. EU has spent more than any other body in the world ‐except possibly the NSF in the United States ‐ on promoting research, and much of the research that has been done is industrially relevant and highly exploitable.

Yet there is a widespread feeling that the results are not well known and are certainly not well exploited. Our effort aims to address that by creating events and activities that bring together potentially interested partners both from industry and academia outside Europe with their counterparts in Europe, to create awareness of what has been done and to establish synergies, partnerships and exploitation.

We are looking for different types of collaboration such as joint events, academia exchange, project cooperation and many other creative solutions to interchange values, knowledge and experiences.